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Walking the Mountain.
At the top of Mount Tamalpais are several trails and pathways of varying degrees of difficulty. On this occasion I walked with my daughter only half of one such pathway, which ultimately led round to the other side of the mountain. I have no head for heights and found it quite difficult to be tempted to the edge to take pictures. The views from this height are truly amazing. Click on the small picture to see the larger one.
walking the mountain- view 1 walking the mountain -view 2
Some huge vultures were circling above us, I did wonder what the attraction was, perhaps they were catching the thermals hoping to spot a tasty meal. One settled on a rocky outcrop just long enough for me to capture the image of it spreading its wings out. Quite a magnificent bird.
vulture on rocky outcrop
I was also fortunate enough to see quite a few tiny brilliantly coloured hummingbirds in their natural habitat, hovering and extracting nectar from flowers growing on a bush.
Being at the top of a mountain leaves its impression, because when viewed from a distance you see the mountain peak and it serves as a reminder of the time spent there. How huge that mountain is and how small by comparison the human being.
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