March 2005 - the urban sprawl.
Last year quite drastic changes started to happen in my area. New housing development on vacant land, infilling older areas with new housing or specific purpose buildings. Two images below, taken from a similar viewpoint show the advancing concrete into the countryside in just 1 year. The road leading off the magic roundabout into the town centre is completely blocked by new buildings. Click on the images to see a larger version.
magic roundabout building at the magic roundabout
Below shows the development of land where previously had been just one building, is being replaced by a block of flats offering 18 two bedroom apartments.
diggers starting on new building building of 18 apartments
Considerable more development in open spaces is planned for in this area See link to APSLEY development here. I try to view the changes with a certain amount of optimism but I have the suspicion that I'm witnessing the beginning of a major "urban sprawl". The link relates to urban sprawl and government policy see animation of urban sprawl.
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