July 2006 - Torturous times.
In between decorating and taking things to the dump, I took time out for a trip to London. At the station I picked up a leaflet advertising places to visit during the summer months. One such place was The Clink Prison Museum. the world’s most notorious medieval prison, offering an added incentive to visitors for hands-on experience of all torture devices, many of which are original. I can imagine lengthy queues forming outside, of people just waiting to try out some of these !!! The link to the website of should make make interesting viewing and give more details.
An example of past methods of punishment bestowed on those who chose to break the law can be seen at the picturesque village of Aldbury much frequented by tourists today. Click on the picture to see the larger version.
Stocks and whipping posts were usually placed by the side of roads, no doubt to cause maximum of humiliation. This link to - Bygone Punishments offers interesting reading of the treatment of offenders of the law in medieval times.
The above picture is more evidence of humanities inhumane past. It is a ‘mantrap’ attached to a church wall, with a plaque beside it explaining it’s purpose. These cruel contraptions were used by landowners to trap those who tresspassed on their land. I cannot not imagine anyone’s foot or leg surviving after being caught in one. Does make me think …perhaps life has improved somewhat.
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