A Different July
stirring up a spellA 101 Things To Do While Not Plugged InRapunzal let down your hair
Collect sponsors do a bunjy jump - walk a stream in your wellies
make a water rocket - make paper airplanes - go on a beetle hunt
paint a self portrait - make some jam - write a haiku
learn a greeting in fifty languages - learn to draw cartoons
write a story of 26 words each starting with a different letter of the alphabet
I dont go anywhere :)
Learn to draw cartoons - clean the rabbits out - sort photos into an album
weed the garden - play badminton - read a book
make a cake - clean the cooker - dance to some music - make a collage
feed the birds/ducks in the park or garden - clean the car and check the oil
go through a car wash - plan a day out with friends
photograph local sites - do a pub survey of your area - grow a crystal
set up a neighbourhood group in your street.
Visit your local history library look at archives - build a tree-house
crochet a teapot cover - demonstrate - germinate fruit seeds
go swimming - identify the constellations - juggle or learn to-
play guitar - learn exotic board games - collage a ceiling - practise origami
master Rubik's cube - volunteer for community groups - write poetry
paint a nude - learn spanish - eat your favourite dessert
link to More Things to While Not Plugged In
link to More Things To Do While Not Plugged In