March and Changes
The Valance - Changing the Crib.
On visiting a friend of mine, quite a while ago I was greeted with enthusiasm I have yet to meet again. She was to become a grand mother for the first time. Her excitement and sheer delight in her new status is reflected in her telling me about:
"The Valance"
crib with valance and baby Stevie This is the crib. Much better than a moses basket. What do you think? Just had to bring it down to show you what I mean. Well, we went to Laura Ashley and they had nothing there. Then we saw this in Marks. What do you think ? It almost seems made for it. Look put the frill on the edge on the other side, and down the centre it fits just perfect. What do you think? And what is more, exactly half the width fits across the bottom. Look see ! quite odd almost. Do you think we'll need elastic? I thought to tie it on just here and then at the other end. Sew some tape on here see? What do you think? Want to keep the corners fitting here - rather a lot of frill at this end - if we cut it here and cut off this bit of frill, then sew it on again. What do you think?
The colour's nicer than white. Champagne covers for the inside will go nice with it don't you think? At the top here we'll have to tie the frill on - perhaps we could put elastic right the way round and then just push it down with the mattress. What luck ! to think it was made for it. Crib needs a wash and paint of course. He'll do that, that's his job. Nice and sturdy this, used to be lemon colour. Think he'll paint it magnolia this time. Both mine slept in here - dog couldn't knock it over too sturdy. This top bit must be left uncovered, don't know why - just looks right that way. Same as the legs, must see the legs to look right. Well, what do you think? This is the little cover, a little quilt. That will all be champagne colour. Help me fold this up. What do you think? Weren't we lucky to find this.
A neighbour arrives: Hello, yes come and see the crib, watch this, this is what we found in Marks. Quite perfect for the crib. No its not a Moses basket. It needs a good scrub doesn't it and then he'll paint it magnolia.crib with valance and baby Stevie We thought to strip the paint off first - yes it's paint on top of bamboo - no it's paint, it was yellow paint. Have you got your glasses on then? See it's paint not bamboo! Don't you like this frill? I know it's not white ! See how it will go round and then this bit for the top. Well to get it through the bar here it needs to be cut here a bit and then through ...see how it hangs round here ? It will have to be tied on here and here. What do you think ? Help me fold this up again. Isn't it strange how it all fits and half of it is exactly the bottom of the crib.
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