Travels in September
A well planned journey....
It never fails to amaze me how detailed plans regarding a journey, can be so different when reality meets intention. The plan was to fly to Dusseldorf and from there drive to Osnabruck. After exploring the town to drive on to some of the outlying country areas the following day and visit places where I had spent some of my childhood.
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Driving on the German Autobahn differs somewhat regarding etiquette and rules to motorways in England. There is no overall speed limit and the signposting to destinations can be confusing - well that was the experience which resulted in us heading south instead of north :).
A picture of the Autobahn
the autobahn heading north
Driving in the slow lane is not appreciated by twelve wheeler trucks at all ! especially if the speed you're travelling at is slower than theirs. Looks easy enough :) - fortunately I was the navigator. On reflection it would have been a good idea to have found out a little bit more about driving abroad. Still after a day of travelling we did finally get to Osnabruck and what a welcome sight the hotel was...whew!!! made it .
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