Another January
The Same but Different
To see a different perspective of the familiar and to have ones perceptions directed to another viewpoint, is exciting and often enlightening. This was my experience when I looked at the Visions of Science website. Visions of Science is a photographic awards scheme to encourage an interest in science, to provide a new insight or simply to show the beauty in nature. There are some truly amazing images to be viewed from past exhibitors, which I found inspiring. I reviewed some of the pictures I had taken on holiday and presented the same images in different ways.The result brought Hilaire Bellocs' poem to mind.
The Early Morning - Hilaire Belloc
morning in tenerife
The moon on the one hand, the dawn on the other:
The moon is my sister, the dawn is my brother.
The moon on my left and the dawn on my right,
My brother good morning my sister goodnight.
The original picture was taken because the moon was still shining early in the morning while the sun was rising in another part of the sky.
The Moon with planet Mars
moon and planet mars
Looking at the same picture from different perspectives, in this case using colour, brings out different qualities. It could be said that the experience one has of the picture depends on which particular part of it one is paying attention to :).
I think my tortoise is quite a wise creature.
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link to Another January-New Perceptions