Problem Waste !
All our waste/rubbish has apparently become a problem as old landfill sites are posing a health hazard, if not now but in the future. Links to further reading on the matter Areas of contaminated land . My conscience therefore dictates that I must resign myself to the Sunday sorting of my rubbish, in readiness for the Monday collection.
The question that seriously comes to mind is "what happens to old computers" as in the 'techie world' there is a high turnover.
Some end up here !!
old dumped computers
A European directive has already anticipated the hazard of computer dumping, as some of the stuff computers are made of is pretty lethal. See the link to Your computer and toxic materials.. Some innovative ideas of what to do with your old computer are 10 Uses for a Dead Computer .. Or the answer to the question "where do old computers go?" could be "The computer History Museum".. All contributions welcomed - well that means money not your old computer :)`s also an interesting site for exploring the history of computing.
The Xerox parc alto.
xerox parc alto