Places in September.
It never fails to amaze me when pre-conceived ideas are overturned . I frequently go out walking, photographing places I like to return to at some future time. My favourite places are without out doubt the wide open spaces, where the eye can roam and horizon meets the sky. Places where I regain a sense of perspective on life away from the noise of town and traffic.
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part of the chiltern hills
This is one such place forming part of the Chiltern hills - here you can walk for hours in the company of the occasional bird flying overhead or rabbit nibbling at sparse vegetation and a cool wind blowing.
Nearby is a place called 'The Tree Cathedral', where different types of trees are planted within the spatial layout of a cathedral.
christmas chapel
It combines elements of nature and the spiritual - an interesting concept. I particularly liked the christmas chapel. . see link .. Whipsnade Tree Cathedral - a place I will re visit to become more familiar with the layout of the cathedral.
Link to City Peace
link to City Peace