March and Changes
People and Changes.
Some years ago while taking a short cut through the old part of town I almost lost my way. All the old cottages along that road and ones on the corner had been demolished. The area looked like a bombsite. Walking along the same road was a man with a walking stick, he asked where 'his road' was, he was looking for a cottage, a place where he was born and grew up. He had travelled from the North to take a look at his past life I suppose and greet old neighbours.
street in old town
We found a small shop nearby where he used to go on errands for his mother, finding his family home was a bit of an approximation amongst the flattened rubble. He returned North the same day a disappointed man.
flats built where old cottages were
Although the area has been rebuilt in keeping with the old town, everytime I walk along there I think of that meeting and the need for people to re visit places which were relevant to their lives.
link to The Valance-Changing the Crib
link to The Valance-Changing the Crib