One More Time.


January - 2006   often the small within the larger picture is revealing and fascinating  -  A Cat Remembered   - a tribute to a cat called Hodge.


A Fun Page for Millie and Evie :)   - have fun.


keep on dancing :)   -March under construction

April -2006.

April 2006 - Re visiting USA   - exploring new areas through the soles of my feet -  If you encounter a mountain lion   - advice on what to do. -  Walking the Mountain   - Views from the top of a mountain - observing the circling vultures.

May - 2006.

May 2006 - Spring and Woodland Walks   - spring is great even with wellies on -  Caught on Camera Again   - time to invest in a Road Angel to guide me through the speed limits.

June - 2006.

June 2006 - Retracing Steps   thoughts and plans on an old railway bridge  Greasy Chips and Lemon Crystals    Friday nights at the village hall - and other places I frequented.

July - 2006.

July 2006 - Where do old computers go-  the problem of redundant techie stuff-  Torturous times   -The Clink Prison Museum - stocks and whipping post at Aldbury - a man trap

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