Housebound surfing the internet:
The month of October found me housebound for one reason or another, giving me time to "mess around" in cyberspace and look at some websites. It`s always interesting to see the content of websites and how they are constructed, they are after all a reflection of their creator. Some of my favourite sites I recommend a visit, because of their thought provoking content, information they offer or humour. So here goes either click on the link or the image:
Weeds Website @
link to weeds website
The content of this website encompasses many diverse topics, always stimulating and interesting to read. This is without doubt one of my favourite sites - it has the most amazing collection of free gifs - guitar music tabs, original midi sounds and mp3 and so much more. Once you visit here you will return many times. A suprising link I found in Weeds guestbook was an article by Rob Bignell "Fenceposts provide not a wall but a guide to life" written with extraordinary charm and simplicity.
toothpaste for
link to toothpaste for dinner website
A website with apparent simplistic drawings and paintings which however capture amazing expressions. Some of these drawings have humourus and witty comments added. Quite original in concept and well worth a visit. The artist also undertakes commissions for paintings.
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