Not so Public Cameras.
There`s a certain irony in the "not so public cameras". They are very public insofar that I can see them, but I cannot see the images they record. This is a camera that welcomes shoppers to the shopping precinct.
welcome camera by shops
The general public do not share in the viewing of what is seen or recorded by this camera. A missed opportunity I feel, it would be interesting to see who was out and about today. We could all dress up and look our very best and give a wave to our friends who might be watching,
Another camera that takes pictures.
Essex speed camera
This is the famous speedcam in Essex which holds the record for recording speeding motorists over a period of 24 hours. I know the camera well, it took a picture of the back of my car and proved to be an expensive picture !! Unfortunately this gatso - speed camera met with a mishap.
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