Early Morning Encounters.
When walking out early it's interesting who one meets, there is little traffic ,even fewer people and the air smells fresh and feels cool. Up on the Chiltern hills the early mornings appear misty and still.
On the hills a herd of sheep followed me around, stopped when I stopped and carried on walking when I did. My concern was what would happen when I would return to my car, but they seemed to have their own sense of territory and an off road area designated for cars was not part of it. Click on the picture to see the larger image.
sheep on the chiltern hills duck
The bright eyed duck came up to me while walking by a nearby stream hoping I would have food for him. He seemed to enjoy having his picture taken - quite a character.
king heron
This beady eyed sharp billed enormous heron perched on a nearby tree by the canal, observed my approach with interest, not in the least concerned by my presence. A beautiful specimen of a king heron I think.
August in the past has never been one of my favourite months, partly because it can be too hot or disappointingly wet, I think I have found a way to enjoy this time of the year.
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