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In the valleys and on the mountain slopes houses are built amongst the trees by mountain streams offering an invitation to stop and play. Click on the images to view larger version.
mountain stream house by the Dipsea steps
Everything in this part of the world appears to be on a grander scale to anything I have ever experienced . Below are pictures of a very old redwood tree in Golden Gate park and some of the 674 famous Dipsea steps.
tree in Golden Gate Park part of Dipsea Steps
The Dipsea steps are part of a famous marathon run , I only managed to walk to step 172 !! More about Dipsea steps at this link Dipsea Marathon Race. I had walked up some very steep roads to get to the steps so it was quite a climb. The fact that younger members walking with me ran up and down the steps twice did not lessen my sense of achievement.
San Francisco and Eating Out.
link to San Francisco and Eating Out.