A Different July
stirring up a spellMore Things To Do While Not Plugged InRapunzal let down your hair
Go for a walk or bike ride - read a magazine - count your pocket money
make a calendar - play with your pet clean its litter tray
look through a catalogue - make a wish list - start a diary - phone a friend
make a poster for your room - plan a party - make a mobile
teach yourself all the stations of London or Moscow underground stations
I dont go anywhere :)
De-flea the cat/dog - play with the cat - do some yoga/meditate
write to your MP/councillor - do a random act of kindness - learn basket making
make a patchwork quilt - make Christmas cards/presents
pluck your eyebrows - have a manicure - give someone a massage
wax your legs - clear out stuff and take it to a charity shop
make an audio diary of your life so far - Tie-dye an old Tshirt.
make a bracelet from safety pins and elastic - learn how to weave
Go for a walk in the moonlight - watch dawnbreak and listen to the dawn chorus
learn salsa dancing with a friend - knit some sox - make a puppet
calculate how many helium balloons would lift a person 1ft off the ground
book a balloon flight - streak dye your hair - stay at a health farm
make a kite to fly/fly a kite - chalk a large rainbow on the pavement/wall
buy lots of different candles - go to the sea for the day collect shells.
Make an amusing folly for your front garden - make an alpine tub
take a boat ride down the river Thames.
link to 101 Things to Do While Not Plugged In
link to 101 Things to Do While Not Plugged In