February Spirals
More Spirals and Fibonacci.
Counting spirals on cacti proved a reasonably easy task; spiral patterns on cauliflowers or the seeds in a flowerhead was a little more difficult. In the picture of the cauliflower, anticlockwise spirals of the florets are readily observable:
cauliflower showing anticlockwise spiral pattern
however the clockwise spirals are more difficult to see. Similarly looking at the arrangement of seeds in my picture of the sunflower, complex spiral patterns can be seen, but it's difficult to say if they conform to any of the Fibonacci numbers. Click on the image for a larger view.
sunflower showing complex spirals
An explanation for the arrangement of seeds in the flower head is that it allows for optimal packing of the seeds at any stage of their growth. More information relating to this is at this link Fibonacci Numbers and Nature. and scroll down to Seed Heads. Looking for spiral patterns related to Fibonacci numbers will be ongoing - once you start counting it becomes compulsive almost :).
link to More Spiral Patterns
link to More Spiral Patterns