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Another Year

Another January.

Another January - New Perceptions- what we pay attention to. A Magic Roundabout but no Zepettee - a new roundabout, a new concept. The Same but Different - new perspectives on images - 'The Early Morning' - a poem by Hilaire Belloc.

February Spirals

Counting Spirals on Cacti  - and link to classifications  More Spirals and Fibonacci -spirals in cauliflowers and seedheads, and link to Fibonacci Numbers and Nature  Fibonacci the Man  - link to history of the man who generated the interest.

March and Changes

Changes  - changes in town  People and Changes - I met a man looking for 'his road' the cottage where he was born. The Valance-Changing the Crib  - As I remember it :).Sisters and Changes  - Pictures of seven sisters at different stages of their lives.

April goes here

is still under construction!   struggling with this one :)carry on dancing ! might as well :)

Beautiful Month of May

Pictures in May  looking at wild flowers in May Tortoise Antics  - Pictures of a tortoise and an explanation!!.Video Clip of Canada Geese  - a short clip of canada geese with goslings.

Another June

Travels in June - a sunrise full of promise and frustrations of closed roads and diversions - Chalk Uplands and Wild Orchids  - pictures where sky meets horizon and and wild orchids.

A Different July

One Day in July - flying a butterfly kite in a blue sky- A 101 things to do while not plugged in -   ideas contributed by friends and family -More things to do while not plugged in   - de-flea the cat, knit some sox and more to get unplugged.

August 2004

August 2004-Go in,Stay in,Tune in  -have I heard song that song before? and - Been there got the T shirt  - an alternative place to be. credit for the T shirt goes to my daughter.

September 2004

Goings on in Trafalgar Square - a visit to Trafalgar Square to see the changes there - Hotel for the Birds  - picture of the architectual perspex sculpture "Hotel for the Birds" by Thomas Schütte .

October 2004

Apsley Village and Changes  - with a link to development plans - Image Map of Apsley click on the map to see pictures  Further proposals for change  -watch this space 
Image map created using Meracl ImageMap Generator

November 2004

Thatched Cottages  - symbols of romantic notions and nostalgia ? and - The Romantic Image  - images created in art and literature and maintained by our own nostalgia.

December 2004

December - it's great it's Christmas  - christmas images - what is happening to the christmas tree ? - A walk in the Forest  - hornbeams and lichen.A Woodland Dwelling  an image of a reconstructed old woodland dwelling.

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