Spring and Woodland Walks
Returning from my trip to San Francisco, I was pleasantly surprised by the soft greens and colourful spring flowers growing along the road verges while driving back from the airport. It still left me feeling somewhat restless.
I spent some time out walking in my ‘wellies’ through mud and puddles with the intention to listen to the early morning bird song in nearby woods. The mud there was in plentiful supply ! Click on the small picture to see the larger one.
walking by a mountain stream
Later in the month brought sunnier weather, bluebells appeared filling the air with a heady scent making the woodland walk quite an experience.
trees on the slopes along the cascades
I’ve come to the conclusion that spring in England is a truly beautiful time and place to be. It compensates for those bleak grey skies of winter and tends to foster that feeling of being 'at one' with life and all is well with the world.
But - I should know better !!! this glorious month of May frequently has other mischief in store.
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