Mars in August  

An Acre of Mars !
The excitement of Mars being so close to earth, inspired some enterprising entrepreneurs to sell acres of it.
want to buy an acre of planet Mars?

The offer went something like this...

For the price of 17.99 reduced from 19.99 you would become the proud owner of 1 acre of Mars
you would be given a deed of ownership and a map to locate your site on Mars...   You would also get a transcript of the Declaration of Ownership which is a document filed with the USA and Russia along with the United Nations General Assembly in 1980. And of course a document confirming all mineral rights.
The offer was aimed specifically for "the man in your life", no doubt with the view of finding him a plot of land on his very own homeground :).     But then who does really own Mars ? One of the mission statements of NASA is : the purpose of exploring Mars is that it is the best planet for future human exploration and colonisation. Perhaps I`d better get in on the land purchase :)..

       ...and back to reallity :) 

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