March - 2005.
I've come to the conclusion this third month in the year, is a time when things seem to go wrong for me; past experience confirms that. My computer suffered yet another trauma, which had me exploring the inner most parts of the system.
inside my computer
The original intention was to uninstall Norton antivirus 2001 program, to enable the installing of Norton antivirus 2005. Should have been a simple task. Not so ! After searching for many hours for bits of the program in the system, I decided the only solution was to reformat the hardrive and restore to original setting.
Some really useful online help I found at as well as reading about others who had suffered a similar problem. Despite having the foresight to back up all, in the process of reformat I managed to lose a couple of drivers necessary for using removable storage keys. This link to proved to be very useful.
On the M11 my windscreen encountered 'something' which caused a crack to develop. Thanks to an extremely effecient insurance company, that was fixed and I made no attempt at diy :).
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