March and Changes
Last year I returned to a place I lived as a child and found it still much how I held it in memory. Where I live now is in constant state of change, buildings go up and are knocked down as if constructed of lego bricks. Change is inevitable and often an improvement as is the development along the canal, which replaced a much neglected area linked to past industries and is now a pleasant walk. link to canal walk. One of the developments in town is the building of a new department store near the 'magic round-about' which looks promising.
building of new department store
Years ago there was a field and a childrens playground here with swings and a paddling pool, but it's difficult to say exactly where.
More building is in progress opposite the houses by the canal, where a new hotel is slowly taking shape.
a new hotel being built
I think I need to keep my eye on changes taking place, just in case I go away and can't find my way home :). Landmarks, pubs or houses we use as quick reference points to turn into a road or find our bearings. I came home and drove past the road I usually turn into - the pub on the corner had been demolished !!
link to people and changes
link to People and Changes