The Irony of Mans` Flight
Leonardo da Vinci never put his theory of flight to the test. But much later Otto Lillienthaal did. He designed a glider that could fly a person.
Otto Lillienthaal 1890.
Otto Lillienthaal
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Such is the irony of mans` capacity for invention, having mastered the technology to enable man to take to the skies, the model on which his flight is built consequently presents an obstruction and a hazard.
This has resulted in the official culling of canada geese and other birds which threaten to get in the way of mans` flight path. DEFRA Link to DEFRA - government department makes recommendations on how to cull canada geese and control the population size. Other licensed agencies are also involved ie. "Central Science Laboratory" Link to Central Science Laboratory who are one of the world's leading consultancies dedicated to the prevention of bird strikes.
canada goose and her eggs
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