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The Magic Roundabout - but no Zeppetee
Some years ago a new roundabout was built in the town . There were forcasts of doom and disaster, with no faith in motorists being able to negotiate it safely. It was built on the concept that one could go round it in either direction, with the proviso that at the point of access or exit via a mini roundabout, you always gave way to the right. .
Magic roundabout concept
magic roundabout concept
Despite all the doubts, on the opening day it worked like a dream - or magic - the usual traffic jam was gone. Locally the new roundabout was christened somewhat sceptically, "the magic roundabout" and adopted by that name nationally.
magic roundabout today
Officially it bears a signpost "the plough roundabout". It does have magical qualities, a river runs right through the middle, which nesting ducks or swans need to access and then traffic does come to a halt.
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