June and July.
Somehow the month of June slipped into July without me noticing ! my attention was focused elsewhere no doubt. The intention was to create some of my favourite sandwiches and photograph them. Click on the picture to see it fullsize.
A way with a sandwich.
grilled potato sandwich grilled potato sandwich with green beans
Below is a picture of a refreshing grated apple sandwich.
grated apple on granary bread
Other favourite sandwich fillings include: microwave chips with tomato sauce, cheese and tomato omelette or radish with iceberg lettuce and mayonaise. But the best of best is a potato pancake sandwich, made with raw grated potatoes,egg, mazzo meal and raw onions, fried in oil and wedged between two slices of bread. When next I make it, I will photograph the event and add it to these pages.
Link to How to Grow a Bean.