June 2006 - Retracing Steps
Strange how some moments, objects or places take over and bring past experiences to mind. Standing on top of a disused railway bridge, I paused to look over the side at the view of the local high street a place I knew well. It reminded me of a time when my grandad and I had planned to catch the ‘outing train' to the seaside, which ran once a year from Redbourn railway station which no longer exists now. He being an ex railway man was keen to do the train bit and I of course wanted the seaside. We never went. Click on the picture to see the larger version.
Old Railway Bridge
As a child I lived in Redbourn for a while, a village which is fast changing yet some of the places I used to go to are still there. The highlight of the week at that time was a Friday night, when my sister and I would go to watch old films sitting on hard old chairs, for 6 old pence [2p today approx] at the village hall.The shows were run by man who on occasion would drive round the village filming local people and us children with one of those really ancient cameras attached to the top of his car. Always an extra treat to see ourselves on the screen.
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