Another June
Travels in June
Dawn breaks and the rising sun throws the skyline into an amazing display of colours, against which the roofs and trees stand out as dark silhouettes. It's going to be another warm and sunny June day.
A sunrise full of promise.
I had planned to drive to south of London, which entails driving across the centre of town and over the river. I have done this journey often it presents no problem to me, unless I meet up with a sign saying "Road closed" follow diversion route.
On this beautiful June morning, Park Lane had one of those signs redirecting me through Hyde Park. Driving over Putney bridge I stopped - I was lost ! At a Cafe` Rouge nearby, I had some breakfast and phoned the people I was visiting to come and get me.
The frequency of "Road closed" syndrome is on the increase I'm quite sure of that. I do wonder what a travellers' rights are and do roads by their existence not come under a similar status as public footpaths which give a traveller "right of way" ?
Roads/or parts of closed in and around London.
Roads closed on one given day for various reasons and length of time.
All praise to Cafe` Rouge where I breakfasted out in the sunshine, read the papers and I waited to be rescued. This links to Cafe` Rouge to find out more on their website about the charming facility whereby you can send invites to friends to meet at one of their many cafes - like that :)
A useful link to avoid meeting the "Road closed" sign is BBC Travel News
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