Fun with Webcams.
Using my webcam - a new toy - is great fun. Smart little one-eyed image transmitter sits on top of my monitor registering every move I make. Hello there - you`re on camera!
my webcam
On a larger scale in context of the world wide web, it could be said we are all on camera and part of an ongoing viewable drama of life. A search produced an incredible number of webcam sites.This is a picture from a London webcam.If you want to see more like this click on the link below the image.
trafalgar square
Link to
One of my favourite webcams has to be the Burbridge bakery, as I am very partial to cream cakes and the like.
Burbridge Bakery webcam
Link to Burbridge Bakery webcam
And there`s more about cameras on the next few pages.
not so public cameras
Link to more cameras