July 2006 - Where do old computers go ?
For long enough I have wanted to re decorate one of my rooms. Prior to fulfilling the idyllic vision I had in mind, serious sorting of the content had to be done. Deciding what to throw and which to keep is always difficult. The image of an empty room did make it easier and the trips to the local dump more numerous. The ‘dump’ now called ‘the re cycling centre’ where everything is carefully stacked and sorted, I found fascinating and thought provoking. I took the picture below : Click on the picture to see the larger version.
retired TVs Retired monitors
Now I’m not sure what happens to all the redundant monitors, computers and televisions. According to government directives they are to be disposed of by special methods to prevent pollution of the environment. Some end up being shipped abroad see this link Digital divide becomes a digital dump under the guise reducing the digital divide. And some end up being shredded here perhaps Computer Recycling Service. The problem of redundant hi techie stuff in the future is huge as we are all tempted to buy ‘bigger and better’.
For the moment it looks neat and contained, all stacked and sorted at the recycling centre, giving the impression that the problem is under control. With thoughts thus pre occupied I completed the decorating.
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