January - 2006.
Often the small detail within the larger picture is fascinating and thought provoking. Perhaps it is because the small part often holds the larger together. My broken modem small as it is, was an essential part which enabled me to access the vast www.
stations at the cross
In the crypt of St Etheldredas church, is a series of relief carvings on the rough brickwork of the 'stations at the cross', which carry the message in their sheer simplicity.
small detail on cross    commemoration plaque
The picture on the left shows a beautiful 'relief' at a bottom of a cross, which stands close to a church and was erected by a son to his father who was founder of the church. In another 12th century church, I came across the relief carving to the right. It commemorates the life of a man and his wife. Being placed so close to an alter within a church at that time, is indicative of the their wealth. And then in the same church, almost as if to oversee events, is the small face in the window .
small face in a window
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