January 2005
Playing Games.
Always been an enthusiastic chess player - enthusiasm not necessarily equating with good. A part of me enjoys the mental challenge, but I often think the game lacks a sense of humour, an element of the unexpected, as has a game of chance which involves using dice. Chess becomes serious very quickly unless different rules are built into the game.
My enthusiasm for the game was somewhat lost, depleted, when I decided to play my computer at chess. Not only did I lose every single game, I was wiped out every time - with no 'draw' or occasion of 'human error' that could be taken advantage of.
playing chess with my computer
The speed at which the computer plays also makes it difficult to follow where pieces have been moved to. I realise when it comes to logical moves on the board, I am a loser from the start. I take comfort from reading that world chess champion Garry Kasparov, lost the game against IBM's computer Deep Blue in 1997. Link to the Garry Kasparov versus Deep Blue match - makes interesting reading !
The computer game of TicTac also known as noughts and crosses, which although simple enough can be programmed to levels of difficulty and is fun to play.
Link to TicTac Game   or meet   Hal and Frank