Another January
New Perceptions ?.
Returning from a holiday beginning of January proved a bit of an anticlimax ! especially with the anticipation of cold days and grey skies. But then, the sun did shine giving the allusion that winter was over and life very quickly became more bearable.
My tortoise came out of hibernation
tortoise in January 2004
In the close up shot I took of him, he looks pleased with life - in fact one could almost say he was smiling. His behaviour is controlled by temperature - as soon as it hits 50 degrees for more than a couple of days, he appears regardless of the time of year.
This set me thinking about something I had read in The New Scientist:
"What you pay attention to
defines how you experience the world
from moment to moment."
That philosophy seems to suit my tortoise well enough. I`m still thinking whether it is an attitude I should adopt. It was a good one to have when a new roundabout in town was built.
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