Greasy Chips and Lemon Crystals.
The Friday night ritual went something like this - before going to watch the films we would go to a little chemist shop to buy some lemon crystals [no idea what they were] to dip our fingers in and eat, then onto the fish and chip shop to get a bag of greasy chips. Thus armed, we were ready to enjoy our evenings entertainment. What Friday nights they were !!! great fun as all the children of the village used to go. Below is a picture of the village hall, the houses behind are newly built and a picture of the boarded up fish and chip shop with a chemist shop next to it.Click on the image to see the larger version.
Rebourn Village Hall  The Old Fish and Chip Shop
At the far end of the High street is a little old shop, once a sweet shop owned by a Mr Webb, where I used to spend my pocket money and buy sweets. Mr.Webb was a kindly rotund man who very trustingly had sweets on display as apposed to hidden behind glass counters, which made them even more inviting to exchange for ration coupons and cash.
The old sweet-shop  footbridge over river Ver
The picture to the right is of a footbridge down a narrow lane where it crosses the river Ver beside a ford. The water level was considerably higher than it is now, a place where I spent many a hot summers day paddling, fishing or throwing sticks for my dog to retrieve from the water.
Standing on that railway bridge, I valued my good fortune to have experienced the freedom to roam and play where my fancy took me.
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