Let's Go Round Again


Playing Games   - chess and the computer  - play TicTac a game of noughts and crosses  Meet Hal and Frank  - back to 2001.

February 2005

An unexpected and exhilerating experience -  Welcome to the Pleasure Dome :)

March - 2005

The month when things go wrong -  March - 2005  and  The Urban Sprawl it seems the concrete is advancing.   Market Decline a once thriving market now in decline.

April - 2005

Early mornings, thoughts on creativity -  April - 2005  and  Video clip-Blackbird singing- and extract from "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John Keats.   - My Sisters Cake - abandon portion control, just eat it :).

May - 2005

Gender terminology -  May - 2005  well my version of it :) and  Review the Life- and know that you have lived it.   - part origin of content and gifs are unknown to me. I am unable to give rightful credit . Any objections to their usage please let me know.

June and July -

June and July - A Way with a Sandwich  -my fav sandwiches- and  How to Grow a Bean- it's a miracle indeed.   -  Something to Sing About- young blackbirds anting   -  Pond Dipping in Epping Forest- images of the pond, water lillies, damselfly and the critters that were caught.

August - 2005

Reflections in August  -early morning light - reflections, myths and  Early Morning Encounters- interesting meetings captured on camera.

September - 2005

Places in September  -chiltern hills - open spaces and places and  City Peace- Mahatma Gandhi - peace gardens and  The Plaza - another Square-  - The British Library - contrast of architecural symmetry.

October - 2005

The Street in October.  -road closed - heavy road construction machines and -   More of The Street - road resurfacing and more machines.


keep on dancing :)  - August under construction

December - 2005

Travels in December 2005.  - pictures Mount Tamalpais -   More of my Travels.   - mountain streams - house amongst the trees - old tree in Golden Gate Park - Dipsea Steps -  San Francisco and Eating Out  -walking and eating out in San Francisco.

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