San Francisco and Eating Out.
There is so much to see and do, such a wide variety of choices from beaches, mountains, amazing Redwood Forests and great shopping of course. I realised during my stay I could only explore the surface, even within a relatively local area. Walking in San Francisco takes ones breath away, the roads are incredibly steep and I didn't trust the trams grinding along. Click on the images to view larger version.
San Francisco tram
When eating out the choice is “large” “medium” or “small” size portion. The waitress appears to estimate ones eating potential and makes recommendations accordingly. Feeling hungry I volunteered for a medium portion, which provoked statements from the waitress like ‘it’s a big portion, medium’ and ‘are you sure’ ? Yes I was sure !! It all tasted so delicious I had no difficulty in eating it all.
The Cheesecake Factory New York cheesecake
The waitress did come over at one point to ask ‘how you doing?’ as though I had somehow undertaken the challenge of the month. I completed my meal with an indulgence of New York cheesecake. This is a place I must return to at a future date.
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