Bits and Pieces        

January happenings.

Bits and pieces - the London photo competition- a walk along the canal and a slide show of the new developments. Looking at the sky at night.

It`s February

February the month in silent anticipation and enchantment? and a visit to Windsor Castle

March - it`s Spring

March an eventful month then things got worse My computer crash and Caught on Camera then it got really bad A Macabre Dawn and a need for Exercise for RSI .

The Month of April

April and memories thinking of past times, events and places. Meet the Family well some of them. And of course at sweet sixteen Meet my Mother

The Month of May

My Overcoat thoughts about and photograph of my overcoat. Insight. 'In my new Clothing' by Basho Maitsuo A different view aspects and views of Menorca

The Month of June

"Droppin in" on birds in flight ! The Irony of Mans flight consequences for bird life. A Moral Issue invent to imitate and kill the architect! New Arrivals what a surprise ! Problem Waste well where do old computers go ?

The Month of July

Fun with Webcams ongoing viewable drama of life. Not so Public Cameras missed opportunities. And link to all anyone would ever want to know about Speed Cameras and a camera killer game.

Mars in August the light of the moon some pictures of Mars. An Acre of Mars buy an acre of land on Mars

It was September

Travels in September - A well planned journey....packed my bags and did that thing called - return to childhood landscapes.

Virtual October

Virtual October - housebound surfing the internet. Some of my favourite websites, thought provoking, challenging, humourus and enlightening - well worth a visit. Objections to use of screenshots of websites, please let me know and I will remove them. I tried to contact all for permission.


November - Colds, bugs and cures. Ancient, medieval and folklore cures for the 'woes' - WARNING I do not recommend any of these personally. November - Geese in the Park.Checking on the surviving canada geese.


December and it's christmas and then Escape to the sun I might try that again.

Images and sounds

Weeds midi sounds and gifs and RJ`s fun with Midi`s music clip from "KD Lang Absolute" - objection to any other material I have used please let me know.

Links to sites

Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs CSL- Central science laboratory is an Executive Agency of the UK Government Department Defra. a coalition to prevent the destruction of Canada geese USA.. Canada geese conservation society in the UK. Permission by the artists given to use the paintings on this site by Martin Ridley and Rod Lawrence

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