Computer Health Checkup !

At the beginning of the month my computer was due for a general checkup. All part of the service ! I sat watching the screen while the diagnostic program ran. Then to my horror a Nimda A.virus was found. The techie person soon gave it a sideways swipe and it was run off my hardrive. Whew !!! How it got past my virus protection program I don`t know.
Then a dusting to blow away the spiders !
a dusting my duster would never reach
After the spring clean - the RAM was upgraded to 384 MB.
New ram fitted
Ah the joys of owning a computer! Although it was thought the virus had not activated itself, something caused my whole system to crash on my return home. Yes - wipe out time ! After several hours of messing around, it`s back up and running like a dream [touch wood].
Then things got worse
Link to got my picture taken
Link to Got my Picture Taken