Caught on Camera Again.
As soon as the sun shines, flowers bloom out come the laser speed van detectors and the ever increasing number of in situ Gatsos are up and running to catch the unsuspecting motorist.
Much to my annoyance I had my picture taken again by one of these fiendish devices. It is becoming quite difficult to know the speed a car is supposed to be travelling at. I really thought I was driving within the required speed limit, but then those Gatsos are always placed just where the speed limits change for reasons unknown, often at the side of a road which shows no particular hazard. And yes a couple of weeks later I received another one of those letters telling me that I was proceeding along in a 30mph zone at 37 mph….another fine and more points on the licence.
Along one short stretch of road I know, the speed limits change from 50mph to 40mph to 30mph in no apparent logical order or reason, but numerous Gatsos [speed cameras] are placed there. Driving under those conditions becomes confusing and a hazard in itself.
my new road angel
I now travel with a Road Angel fitted to my dashboard which politely tells me when approaching a Gatso “fixed safety camera ahead” and the recommended speed I should be doing.
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