What a Surprise !
We opened our front doors and there they were - the new big bins, it seemed a bit like an "invasion of the bins". The reaction of people as they encountered the new bins on their doorsteps would have made interesting photography !!
The new bins.
new large bins

A new system of waste collection in aid of organic waste recycling, instigated by DEFRA, has been adopted by the local council - all part of a government organic waste recycling initiative. The link to DEFRA - Waste recycling initiative makes for interesting reading as well as giving the A to Z of waste and an insight to the new legislation, which aims to curb waste and boost recycling.
The new system.
new bins
Throwing out the rubbish has become a sorting activity which evidently needs the written guidelines as above, as well as a calendar informing which bin will be collected in which week.
collection calendar
Link to more problem waste