August 2004
Been there got the T-shirt
Stocking up with tinned food, candles and batteries in case of an "emergency" ? I did that once when encouraged by one of my neighbours at the time, "for when the revolution comes." Arthur ScargillThe nearest bit of revolutionary excitement that came my way was when Arthur Scargill manned the Miners strike in 1984 and we all sat in pubs thinking up ideas of how to raise money in support.
A man of vision with a mission. How the strike and the miners were dealt with, still to this day gives cause for alarm.
A link to reports and pictures of the 1984 Miners Strike.
There is a large store Hobbycraft, where you can spend hours looking at bits and pieces to use for as many creative activities as one could possibly imagine. One day, while walking round the store, the fire alarm went off.
A young man who had also been walking round the store made the comment "If there was to be a nuclear war or any state of emergency, this store would be a good place to be. One couldn't get bored here." Such wisdom !! so - just in case I'm not anywhere near Hobbycraft should an emergency arise, I've stocked up with ribbons and glue and fancy glittery bits and things.
Go in, stay in, tune in
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