Mars in August the light of the moon.
The above phrase is a straight lift from the beginning of one of Eric Carle`s childrens stories "The Hungry Caterpillar". Always conjures up pure magic for me, as does any moonlit sky. The month of August provided a good opportunity for viewing the nightsky. Planet Mars was at its closest to earth for many years.
A view of the nightsky at fullmoon showing Mars.
mars visible with full moon

And...Mars was still visible in the early hours of the morning ! No it`s not an UFO flying in to land on planet earth :) - although it would have been a real scoop had it been. The "UFO" is one of the early flights to some holiday destination.
Mars and the full moon in the early hours.
mars moon and ufo :)
More interesting reading, images and exploration of Mars are at these links - Destination Mars and another link Images of NASA Both links make fascinating reading for those whose interest is space related.
mars in august
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