April 2006 - Revisiting USA.
My first visit to USA, I was much impressed by the sheer size of the place and I realised to get to know the country would take a long time. Returning to the San Francisco region I spent some time exploring more of the nearby areas.
I have always shared the view if you want to get to know a place, you need to do so ‘through the soles of your feet’ as a famous geographer once said. One particular area I wanted explore, meant walking along narrow steep winding roads, with mountain streams running alongside and huge trees growing on the slopes. Click on the small picture to see the larger one.
walking by a mountain stream trees on the slopes along the cascades
It is an interesting experience to walk in unknown territory meeting the odd deer, hearing the occasional scurry on the slopes, smelling the scent of different trees and perhaps exchange a greeting with another walker. It was on my return home, reading about the area I had explored, I realised that wildlife roaming on those slopes and woodlands could include mountain lions and other members of the cat family. See the link for some advice what to do when confronted with a mountain lion.
mountain lion at rest
I’m not sure that not being fully aware of this at the time was a good or bad thing. Although there have been fatal incidents, the chances are most of the wildlife have better things to do than look to a human for a meal when much tastier deer are readily available.
link to Walking the Mountain.