April and Memories.

This month always has me thinking of past times, places and events. I came across a pencil sketch done by Opa [my grandfather] of a place where I lived many years ago. It`s a sketch he did on the back of an old letter telling my mother about a parcel he was sending to us. He included himself in the sketch, as I remember him - sitting on a bench smoking his pipe.
A traditional farmhouse in Northern Germany
opa in Levern
Going places with my him, usually meant walking or taking turns to ride on the back of his bicycle. He had worked out this system whereby he would take one of us a certain distance along the road, then he would ride back to get the other child and catch up with the one left walking ahead. I have never quite worked out whether we got to our destination any faster by this method, but it did make it more enjoyable.
A view of the village church today.
Church and surrounding area
Link to the village website.
A one time small isolated farming community has now become a popular health spa resort. It also offers sites of historical and cultural interest. Hand weaving and spinning was the cottage industry of the area, or something that I can remember seeing some of the older members of the families doing. A recommended pastime is cycling ! and there are several routes mapped out for the visitor. What did Opa start !!
meet the family
Link to family.