April - 2005.
It is April and I awake at dawn to the early morning song of a blackbird sitting on the television aerial to start the day on a musical note :).
"To express our creativity in thought or action, lends the illusion of flight to the spirit and a fill of freedom from the ghastly reality of our own precarious insignificant existence."
...and yes it is a good beginning to the day, causing me to reflect on my two most incredible acts of creativity: giving birth to my two daughters. Viewed away from the perspective of nappies, teething and sleepless nights, I am aware of the ongoing process of life, love and living.
They say a blackbird sings to protect its territory, a battle song "keep out - this is my patch". I like to think the bird is singing inpired by its' own act of creation.
link to blackbird singing clip
Link to Blackbird at Dawn clip